SBER EAPTEKA, online pharmacy

SBER EAPTEKA is a pharmacy of the future, a hi-tech service with a system of personal recommendations helping people to look after their health. Product range offered by SBER EAPTEKA is the largest in the market: it includes latest-generation medicines, complex pharmaceuticals and healthy lifestyle products. Highly skilled pharmacists and consultants will help you with your choice. Convenient search for medicines (including by active ingredient), equivalent selection service, simple ordering in a few clicks and quick delivery to your home or to the nearest pharmacy.

We work only with approved suppliers, answer for the quality of pharmaceuticals and comply fully with storage and transportation standards.

  • Business line within the ecosystem

    Personalized health care service

  • Year of foundation


  • Year of joining the ecosystem


  • Sber’s stake in the holding



  • >0million

    active users

  • 0billion RUB

    turnover for 2020

  • >0

    pick-up points across Russia

  • 0thousand

    the widest range of goods on the market

  • 0hour

    readiness of the order upon self-pickup from the BEAC EAPTEKA

  • >0regions

    including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Irkutsk, etc

Synergies within the ecosystem

Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:

  • Gradual integration with the ecosystem: SberHealth, SberLogistics and other services.
  • Participation in SberPrime: free delivery of orders with the cost of RUB 500 and over for the program subscribers.
  • Participation in the Green Day special project.
  • In the long run: integration with the Spasibo from Sber loyalty program.

Development plans for 2021-2023

  • 01

    Development of the system of dark stores — online sales points. It is planned to open up to 100 dark stores in Moscow and up to 400 in regions before 2023.

  • 02

    Expansion to regions: SBER EAPTEKA will start working in new cities and towns, including those that did not have the drug delivery before.

  • 03

    Further reduction of delivery time: to 30 minutes.

  • 04

    Modernization of drug purchase experience: medical consultations, personalized services and one-stop-shop service for customers.

  • 05

    Consolidation of leading positions in the market, business and industry transformation due to the new advanced platform.