DomClick, real estate search service
DomClick is a service that helps to find, sell, purchase and lease residential and commercial properties, as well as to apply for and service mortgage loans issued by Sber. The service makes it possible to get one’s mortgage loan and the property approved online and to carry out real estate sale and purchase transaction with just one visit to the Bank branch.
DomClick is one of the top three Russian real estate platforms and Russia’s leader in terms of the number of second-hand property ads.
Business line within the ecosystem
Real estate
Year of foundation
Year of joining the ecosystem
Sber’s stake in the company
DomClick at a glance
ads placed on the portal
monthly active users (MAU) in Q2 2020 (x2.6 YoY)
Synergy with Sber
The customers may apply for a mortgage loan not only via DomClick website, but also at Sber branch.
When processing a mortgage application via, Sber’s partners may retrieve an online statement from the Russian Pension Fund to verify their customers’ employment status.