«Dialog, a developer of the Dialog corporate messenger

«The Company is developing the Dialog corporate messenger - a secure multi-platform product for organizing internal communications and effective collaboration. Thanks to Dialog’s integration with other information systems, large companies with branches in other parts of the country can create an unified and protected environment for convenient collaboration of all of their teams and departments.

In 2019 , the Dialog Company together with Sber launched the biggest Russian project that aims to deploy the SberChat corporate messenger.

Among Dialog’s customers are companies from the oil and gas and banking industries, state organizations and the defense industry.

  • Business line within the ecosystem


  • Year of foundation

    2016 г.

  • Year of joining the ecosystem

    2018 г.

Dialog at a glance

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    Sber employees use SberChat corporate messenger

Synergy within the ecosystem

  • Sber and Dialog have launched SberChat - a corporate messenger for the employees and ecosystem of the bank based on Dialog’s platform. SberChat’s users can communicate securely, share files and call each others’ work and personal numbers. SberChat supports audio and video group calls both on mobile devices and computers. SberChat’s web version can be used in the Google Chrome and Yandex browsers. The desktop version is available for Windows and macOS, the mobile version is available for Android and iOS.

Development plans for  2021-2023

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    Dialog will increase the security of its technological platform

  • 02

    It will continue the development of Dialog as a center of the digital working environment for Russia’s largest private and state companies.