Delivery Club, food delivery service
Delivery Club is a leader of ready-to-eat food delivery market. More than 24,000 restaurants, as well as over 1,100 grocery stores and dark stores are connected to Delivery Club platform. The service is present in 208 Russian cities and towns, its own courier delivery operates in 82 cities (Moscow region counts as a single unit, counting all the towns of the Moscow region arrives at a total of 149 cities and towns).
Business line within the ecosystem
Food delivery and restaurants
Year of foundation
Sber’s stake in the holding
Customer base
orders in Q2 2020
application instances (iOS and Android) installed in Q2 2020
restaurants connected to the platform by the end of the Q2 2020
is the revenue in Q2 2020
Synergies within the ecosystem
Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:
Integration of food tech companies of the ecosystem.
Expansion of logistic zones enabled by the cooperation with Citymobil.
Content distribution via Sber channels.
Participation in the events held by the Bank, including the ‘Green Day’, an annual large-scale special project.
Direct marketing targeting the Bank customers: SMS, push messages, email broadcasting.
Integration into the ecosystem of Sber’s digital products on an exclusive basis.
Generating dedicated mobile content for Sber Online users.
Further integration with Spasibo from Sber loyalty program.
Development plans for 2021-2023
Transform into a ‘superapp’, which would satisfy all the customers’ needs in the nutrition sphere. In addition to restaurants, Delivery Club platform also brings together grocery stores
Improve performance and customer service quality, increase order processing speed, strengthen the technological base.
Further develop in-house logistic service.