Citymobil, taxi service

Citymobil is one of the leading taxi aggregators, which entered the Moscow market in 2007.

The service offers quick taxi arrival and round-the-clock support, a delivery service, options to plan one's trip and to call several cars at the same time.

Citymobil is one of the fastest growing players in the mobility market, which constantly expands its geographical footprint and increases its brand awareness. In 6 months to the beginning of 2020, the company started its operations in 14 cities with a population of one million people and more; Citymobil now operates in cities from St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk, its services are accessible to 40% of the Russian population. Its high growth rate allowed the company to become a top-2 player in most of the markets where it operates.

28.7% of the Moscow market*, 15 to 25% of the market in the cities of presence (as of 2020)

  • Business line within the ecosystem


  • Year of foundation


  • Year of joining the ecosystem


  • Sber’s stake in the holding


Synergies within the ecosystem

Joint projects in the distribution and marketing fields:

  • Cooperation with other ecosystem companies: Delivery Club, SberMarket, Okko.
  • Using Sber ID to log in to Citymobil application.
  • Promotion via Sber channels (Sber Online, ATMs).
  • Serving Sber’s customer base.
  • Participation in the events held by the Bank, including the annual ‘Green Day’ special project.
  • Direct marketing targeting the Bank customers: SMS, push messages, email broadcasting.
  • Further integration with Spasibo from Sber loyalty program.
  • A car purchasing offer for partner taxi parks jointly with SberLeasing.
  • Rides are insured by SberInsurance company.

Development plans for 2021-2023

  • 01

    Launch in more cities and towns, including expansion to 500K+ cities and, potentially, the CIS.

  • 02

    Increase the brand awareness in the regions.

  • 03

    Significantly increase the number of daily rides and grow the market share (>50% in certain markets).

  • 04

    Further integrate into the urban mobility system, expand the available transportation modalities beyond taxi.

  • 05

    Focus on customer service quality and long-term partnerships with drivers.

  • 06

    Further cooperation with other ecosystem projects as part of the Online-to-Offline platform development.