Cetelem Bank
Cetelem Bank is a joint venture between Sber and BNP Paribas Personal Finance. It issues consumer loans for car purchasing and emergency loans.
No.1 Bank in the car loan market in terms of loan portfolio volume in 2019 (according to FrankResearchGroup).
Car purchase loans include loans issued for purchasing any car make sold in the Russian market, as well as loans issued to individuals for purchasing second-hand cars. The Bank has launched 25 programs jointly with car manufacturers (top-1 in term of the number of partner programs).
It is the largest participant of the government program for car loan subsidies Its geographical footprint spreads from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.
Business line within the ecosystem
Financial services and Fintech
Year of foundation
Year of joining the ecosystem
Sber’s stake in the company
Cetelem Bank at a glance
0billion RUB
is the IFRS car loan portfolio before provisions as of 1 September 2020.
0billion RUB
is the IFRS emergency loan portfolio before provisions as of 1 September 2020
lending programs
partner dealer centers, 750 auto dealer holdings
Synergies within the ecosystem
Cetelem Bank car loans are technologically integrated into Sber Online internet banking. To obtain a car loan, a customer can apply in Sber Online and get an approval from Cetelem Bank. Customers can follow up on their loans and manage repayments in Sber Online as well.
Development plans
Develop and expand the cooperation with partner car manufacturers and dealers to provide financial services and satisfy customer needs in terms of car purchasing.
Develop online technologies and improve customer experience.