BI.ZONE, cybersecurity solutions developer

The company develops products and automated solutions in the cybersecurity domain, investigates cyber crimes and analyses the IT infrastructure protection level. BI.ZONE’s customers include Russian and foreign corporations: banks, communication providers, technological companies, players from power engineering and aviation sectors, and many others.

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BI.ZONE at a glance

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    companies in Russia and abroad use the BI.ZONE products

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    investigations have been carried out by the company worldwide

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    cybersecurity experts are employed full time by BI.ZONE

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    Sber’s stake in the company

Synergies within the ecosystem

Joint projects and cooperation in the cybersecurity sphere:

  • Identification and analysis of cyber threats, testing the Bank’s security systems.
  • Preparing joint analytical research in the cybersecurity field, preparing Threat Zone reports.
  • Organizing the annual Cyber Polygon training.