SberA, digital tender operator
SberA1 is a digital platform for placing orders and tendering for purchase of goods, work and services for commercial companies and state and municipal organizations. SberA also offers advanced training programs and short hands-on workshops for organizers and tender participants.

Areas of focus: procurement in accordance with 44-FZ and 223-FZ, property tenders, commercial tenders, privatization, sale of property of bankrupt persons, selection of contractors for capital repairs

1. SberA, ex Sberbank AST
Business line within the ecosystem
IT services, consulting in the procurement business
Year of foundation
Year of joining the ecosystem
Synergies within the ecosystem
Arranging procurement for Sber.
Collaborating with companies from Sber’s ecosystem in the fields of cyber security, marketing, legal support of deals.
Attracting new customers and closer cooperation with other regions together with the bank’s corporate block.