Digital ecosystem of Sber
Surrounding customers with convenient digital services for every occasion
Customers are
at the heart
of the ecosystem
We create a person-centered set of services for peaople's lives. Likewise, we create a set of corporate services that businesses need for their day-to-day operations
active Sber customers are the potential audience of the ecosystem in Russia
active retail customers in 2019
active corporate customers in 2019
SBER is more than a bank
We surround customers with services for every occasion, from buying groceries to moving around the city.
Send money or pay for products/services
Take care of your health
Buy at discount prices
Find a home
Send or receive a parcel
Buy or sell a vehicle
Reach the destination
Find a job
Task virtual assistants
Receive services
Accept payments
Find talent
Ensure security
Set up biometrics and a voice assistant
Store and analyze data
Find real estate
Develop your business
Find transport and equipment
Establish communication
Get technical maintenance
Send and receive a product
Protect your interests
Set up processes
Ecosystem fuels audience growth
5-fold increase in GMV in 1Q20
3.7-fold growth in the number of rides in 1Q20
Delivery Club
88% increase in the number of orders in 1Q20
4.6-fold growth
in the number of viewers paying for content in 1Q20
New digital platform
All ecosystem services have one digital technological platform at the core, using big data and artificial intelligence.
We test new solutions on large audiences
Access to the entire audience of our services
Solutions enjoying success get adopted across all ecosystem residents
Quick launch of new products
Single service standard across all channels
Synergy cases
Okko online cinema and Smokat quick delivery service
offered viewers in Moscow and St. Petersburg to order home deliveries of ready-to-eat popcorn to recreate the atmosphere of a real cinema show. The joint promo was run in April 2020.
SberMobile + Thank You by Sber
SberMobile subscribers can pay for communication services using SPASIBO reward points, choose subscription plans, and order SIM cards via Sber Online.
SberHealth + SberCloud
Any person can upload one’s CT scan to the website and have it interpreted in 10 minutes due to the lung CT reading technology.
Evotor + SberFood
With Evotor’s POS terminals featuring Plazius Marketing Cloud CRM, restaurants understand their audience better and use this knowledge to attract new customers.
News ecosystem