Conflicts of Interest Management and Anti-corruption Policy

The Bank adheres to the principle of not accepting corruption in any forms (the “zero tolerance” principle).

Under no circumstances may SberBank team members directly or indirectly, personally or via third persons, offer, give, promise, ask for or receive bribes for the facilitation of administrative, bureaucratic, or other procedures in any form.

The Bank employees must avoid situations when their personal interest or prejudice affects objectivity of their professional duties or contradict the Bank's clients’ interests.

The Bank expects its customers, counterparties and partners to comply with the standards in anti-corruption and conflict of interests management area. The principles and standards of conflicts of interest management and anticorruption are established in all companies across Sberbank Group to ensure coherence and consistency in compliance-risk management.

If you became aware of any violation of the anti-corruption principles or in case of a conflict of interests, please report it to the Compliance Hotline.