Have you encountered
non-compliance at SberBank?

Have you encountered
non-compliance at SberBank?

Please report them to our Compliance Hotline

What is the Compliance Hotline?

It is a safe and confidential information channel available 24/7, which registers any Code of Ethics violations, as well as intentions or facts of non-compliance you are aware of in the following areas:
  • control over conflict of interest
  • counteracting corruption
  • protection of insider information
  • market manipulations
  • pseudo trust management

If you can’t find the area a case of non-compliance applies to, please address our single contact center by calling 8 800 555-5550.


Who can use it

The Compliance Hotline is for customers, contractors, partners, and employees of SberBank.


How do I use it

Call or write to us, either anonymously or non-anonymously. We guarantee that all submissions, including anonymous ones, will be handled. Please be advised that the bank only replies to senders who state their real names.

​​​​​​​ Report on site under your name
​​​​​​​ Report on site anonymously