Sberbank Analyst Day 2019

Sberbank Analyst Day 2019

Moscow. December 11th, 2019


Registration, welcome coffee
Two Years of Strategy 2020 - Current Status 

Yulia Chupina, Senior Vice President
Overview - Corporate and Retail Business

Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board
Deep-dive - Corporate Business

Anatoly Popov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board
Deep-dive - Wealth Management

Natalia Alymova, Senior Vice President, Head of Wealth Management
Sberbank Technological Platform

David Rafalovsky, Executive Vice President, CTO
Overview - Ecosystem Development 

Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board
Deep-dive - Yandex.Market

Maksim Grishakov, CEO Yandex.Market
Deep-dive - Rambler

Rafael Abramyan, CEO Rambler Group
Deep-dive - Delivery Club

Guvenc Donmez, CEO Delivery Club
Deep-dive - Citymobil

Vitaly Bedarev, Operational Director at Citymobil
Macroeconomic trends

Oleg Zamulin, Senior Managing Director, Centre for Macroeconomic Research
Risk Management

Dzhangir Dzhangirov, Senior Vice President, CRO
Financial plan 2020

Alexander Morozov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, CFO

Conference Hall, 32 Kutuzovsky prospect, Moscow

Contacts for Shareholders and Investors


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Investor Relations

+7 495 957-59-60

Corporate Secretary Service

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