SberBank Development Strategy 2023

“Strategy 2023 is a logical continuation of the strategy that we approved three years ago. In the new strategy, we will give special attention to building a seamless customer experience and creating a unique customer proposition. We don’t see our businesses as separate assets, but rather think of them as parts of an integrated business model, the Ecosystem.”

Herman Gref, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, SberBank

Main goal for 2023

Sber is a reliable assistant and guide in a rapidly сhanging world:
we help people, businesses and the country to develop sustainability.

For people

Sber is an assistant and guide helping optimize funds, time, and energy.

For businesses

Sber is a partner to maintain businesses and help them grow, by boosting revenues, cutting costs, protecting against risks, and aiding their digitization..

For the country

Sber backs the Government to spur economic growth by contributing to people’s wealth, developing SMEs, advancing digitization, transforming industries, backing education and science, benefiting the environment, and ESG development.

Sber unites the needs of people, businesses, and the country through technology and its solutions, integrating all its services into a single ecosystem. It organizes general processes (financial, operational, technological, risk management-related, etc.), team management, and culture for ultimate synergies.

ESG principles are a vital part of our strategy. We develop green products and services complying with the environmental agenda, implement responsible and green finance initiatives, contribute to the increasing of the standard of living and development of small and medium-sized businesses in our country. 

We develop online marketplaces and tools that would bring benefits both for business and retail clients. The e-commerce will become one of these platforms.

To implement a new business model we will keep on investing in technology and human capital.

Sber is a whole universe of services for human life and businesses.

Strategy 2023 Ambitions

  • Profitability above 17%
  • Common Equity Tier 1 CAR above 12.5%
  • Dividend payout reaching 50% of net profit
  • Cost discipline and superior risk management
  • Revenue growth of non-financial businesses at 100% CAGR
  • Become a Top 3‒5 e-commerce player

We express our gratitude to our customers, employees and shareholders!

Together, we successfully cope with modern challenges, moving forward in the chosen direction. We have made sure that our technologies allow us to quickly adapt to the changing environment, launch new formats of products and services, making life easier for our customers.

This inspires our team to do even more in the next three years.

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