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outside Russia




Sberbank is the historical successor of the Russian Imperial Savings Associations established in 1841 by decree of Nicholas I. Originally these were two small institutions in Saint Petersburg and Moscow with 20 employees. Later they grew into a network of offices spread across the country that accumulated funds in order to finance major state projects. During the Soviet period they were transformed into the State Labour Savings Bank system. Since then they have transformed into today’s Sberbank – a modern universal bank and a large international group with a brand that is familiar to people in over twenty countries worldwide.


Acquisition of a bank in Kazakhstan that becomes SB of Sberbank JSC.



Sberbank of Russia acquires a bank in Ukraine that becomes Sberbank of Russia JSC – a 100% subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia OJSC.


Acquisition of BPS-Sberbank JSC, one of the leading banks in the Republic of Belarus.

Sberbank of Russia OJSC opens its representative office in Germany (Frankfurt am Main).


Sberbank of Russia OJSC opens its representative office in China (Beijing).


Sberbank of Russia OJSC is granted a licence for banking operations in New Delhi.


The Bank of Russia registers the branch of Sberbank of Russia OJSC in India.


December 23

Sberbank (Switzerland) AG becomes a subsidiary bank of Sberbank Group following its purchase of a 99.145% of stake in SLB Commercial Bank AG (Switzerland).


February 15

Sberbank of Russia closes the deal to acquire a 100% stake in Volksbank International AG.


Sberbank Croatia becomes one of the subsidiary banks of Sberbank Europe AG.Sberbank a.d. Banja Luka joins Sberbank Group.


Sberbank acquires a 99.85% stake in DenizBank, the largest acquisition in Sberbank’s bank’s 172-year history.

November 1

Volksbank is renamed Sberbank Europe AG.

December 24

Volksbank a.d. Belgrade is renamed Sberbank Serbia a.d. Beograd.


January 28

Sberbank Slovenia (former Banka Volksbank d.d.) officially became Sberbank banka

February 15

Sberbank Slovensko started to operate under a new brand, Sberbank Slovensko, a.s.

February 20

Volksbank BH d.d. became Sberbank BH d.d. -Sberbank in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sberbank CZ opened in Czech Republic (former Volksbank CZ)

November 1

Volksbank Hungary Ltd started to operate under the name Sberbank Hungary Ltd