SberBank in Switzerland

Sberbank (Switzerland) AG


Sberbank (Switzerland) AG is a SberBank subsidiary bank headquartered in Zürich. It became part of Sberbank Group in 2011, after acquiring SLB Commercial Bank AG. The core operations include banking services for commercial organizations and financial market operations. The basic product line includes trade finance, transaction-related payments, structured finance, and global market transactions.

Sberbank (Switzerland) AG works with foreign subsidiaries and holdings of Sberbank Group corporate customers, develops its product and service line for Swiss companies that operate in the countries where Sberbank Group has a footprint.


Address: 24 Gartenstrasse, Zurich, P.O. Box 2136, CH-8027, Switzerland

Tel. +41 44 250 56 56

Аnnett Viehweg
Chairman of the Board