SberBank in Central and Eastern Europe

Sberbank Europe AG is headquartered in Vienna. The bank’s chapter in Austria, which services corporate customers, also operates there.

  • 187 branches
  • 715,000 customers
  • 3,863 employees
  • EUR 12.294 in assets

Sberbank Europe AG

Sberbank Europe AG is a bank group, which includes Sberbank Group’s assets in Eastern and Central Europe. Headquartered in Vienna, Sberbank Europe AG is a wholly-owned SberBank subsidiary. Sberbank Europe operates on eight European markets such as Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Sarajevo and Banja Luka, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, and Germany

Sberbank Europe AG became part of the international Sberbank Group in 2012 when SberBank purchased Austria’s Volksbank AG Group.


Chapter in Austria

It offers corporate customers a range of services, including trade finance, structured and project finance, commercial real estate loans, and deposits.


Address: 3 Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna, 1010, Austria

Tel. +43 (0)1 22732-0
Fax: + 38 (044) 247-45-45


Sonja Sarkozi
Chief Executive Officer