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Sberbank today is the largest bank in Russia and a major international corporation

Sberbank is the successor of Russian savings associations that were founded in 1841

Sberbank Today

Sberbank today is the largest bank in Russia and a major international corporation. It is Russia’s most valuable brand and one of the world’s top 25 brands.

Sberbank has 12 Regional Banks that are responsible for the operations of more than 14,000 branches in 83 of Russia’s regions. The bank’s international network is made up of subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in 20 countries, including Russia, Turkey, the UK, US, CIS, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Sberbank is one of the five largest employers in Russia and serves as the source of income for every 150th Russian family.

As of Q1 2018, Sberbank has a 29.3% share of the aggregate Russian banking sector assets. As the holder of 45.8% of the country’s retail deposits, the bank acts as the key lender to the Russian economy and private clients. Sberbank has provided 40.9% of consumer loans and 32.4% of corporate loans. A joint venture bank created by Sberbank and BNP Paribas offers POS lending under the Cetelem brand.

Sberbank has more than 86 mln active retail clients and more than 2 mln corporate clients (out of Russia’s 4.5 mln registered companies). More than 11 mln people use Sberbank’s services outside Russia.

Sberbank offers a broad selection of banking services for retail customers ranging from traditional deposits and various loan solutions to bank cards, money transfers, bank insurance and brokerage services.

True to its commitment to offer more convenient, modern and technologically advanced services, Sberbank is continuously improving its system of remote banking channels, including:

  • Sberbank Online internet bank (more than 24.5 mln active users)
  • Sberbank Online mobile application (more than 35.9 mln active users)
  • Mobile Bank SMS service (more than 28.4 mln active users)
  • One of the world’s largest networks of ATMs and self-service terminals (77,000 units)

Sberbank is the country’s largest issuer of credit and debit cards.

The bank services all categories of corporate clients, with a focus on small business. Clients can take advantage of rapid (three to five minute) intrabank settlements and access a wide range of additional services, from free of charge CRM and online accounting to a guaranteed settlement service. More than a million clients receive information-based support to address issues of compliance, international economic activity and much more.

The bank actively participates in the majority of SME support programmes carried out by government agencies – the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agriculture, SME Corporation, etc. The bank has a share of more than 30% in the market of subsidised lending for SMEs (provision of subsidies, guarantees/sureties).

The Sberbank Business Online internet bank (winner of a Red Dot award) is used by more than a million companies that have over 3 mln active users. 99.6% of these companies’ transactions are performed electronically.

Sberbank is at the forefront of deploying digital technology. We are transforming our in-house technological platform and creating a major, industrial-scale IT system. The bank has nine innovative laboratories operating in key areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, the Internet of Things, robotic technology, robotisation and gamification.

In 2017, Sberbank adopted its 2020 Strategy. The strategy is focused on reaching the next level in terms of competitiveness, which will enable us to compete with global technology companies while remaining the best bank for retail customers and businesses. Sberbank’s new strategy concentrates on three priorities:

  • Best client experience and ecosystem, which includes ­creating the best financial products and services, developing modern and convenient channels, and building an ecosystem that satisfies the non-financial needs of Sberbank clients.
  • Technological leadership, which includes guaranteeing that the bank is reliable and efficient, creating a new platform, ensuring that clients are secure, and positioning Sberbank as a company that is driven by data, algorithms and innovation.
  • People with new skills in effective teams, which includes a new motivation and training system for Sberbank employees, a set of new skills and competencies for employees, a teams-instead-of-hierarchy approach to personnel management, and fine-tuning of HR processes.

International Network

The Group is present in 20 countries, including the Russian Federation. In addition to CIS markets, Sberbank operates in Central and Eastern Europe (Sberbank Europe AG, formerly Volksbank International) and Turkey (DenizBank).

Sberbank also has representative offices in Germany and China and a branch office in India. In 2013, the Sberbank brand was officially launched in Europe.

Sberbank CIB1, the Group’s corporate and investment banking business, has offices in New York, London, and Nicosia, which operate globally and specialise in brokerage and dealer services in foreign markets and with foreign clients. Sberbank’s subsidiary, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG, is a platform for trade finance and structured loan deals. It carries out operations in global markets and provides transactional banking services to clients.


The majority shareholder and founder of Sberbank is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, owning 50% of its share capital plus one voting share. The rest of the bank’s shares are divided among international and Russian investors.

The bank's ordinary and preferred shares have been publicly traded on Russian stock exchanges since 1996. They are included in the First (Highest) Tier List of the Moscow Stock Exchange.

1 On the basis of JSC Sberbank CIB

The bank holds the general banking licence No. 1481 issued by the Bank of Russia. Official websites of the Bank: www.sberbank.com, www.sberbank.ru.