Anti-corruption policy and Conflict of Interest Management

Dear customers, partners, shareholders, and colleagues,

Over the past years, Sberbank has changed dramatically thanks to our joint efforts to create an outstanding international financial institution, a leader in banking services. Without doubt, one of the key elements in this transformation is our corporate culture, which is based on integrity and mutual respect. We are not standing idle and are constantly improving by increasing the level of corporate transparency.

In its activities, Sberbank complies with applicable law in all markets of its presence in 22 countries as it is committed to high standards of honest, fair and open business. We adhere to the principle of not accepting corruption in any of its forms and manifestations (the "zero tolerance" principle) and are committed to promote an anti-corruption culture in society.

To comply with these principles at the level of the Bank and the Group, Sberbank has created and has enacted a corruption countering program, which is designed in accordance with governing law and best international standards and includes the following:

  • Anti-Corruption Policy and Conflict of Interest Management Policy, which are mandatory for compliance by all employees, regardless of their position, as well as by parties acting on behalf of or under the instructions of the Bank;
  • Prohibiting the employees from handing over gifts, making contributions for political purposes or organizing entertainment activities for political parties or candidates for political office on behalf of the Bank or a member of Sberbank Group;
  • Special training courses for personnel, including executives;
  • Establishing feedback channels (whistle-blowing) for employees on counteracting corruption.

The principles and standards of this program form the basis of the similar system in all members of Sberbank Group.

We take all necessary measures to minimize the risk of business relationships with individuals and companies that have been or may be involved in corrupt practices, and we regularly update our Policies and check the compliance with the relevant requirements.

We are interested in obtaining timely information on possible violations and encourage disclosure of alleged or established facts of corruption, as well as any action (or omission) that may lead or has led to violations of anti-corruption laws and/or requirements of Policies.
In establishing a special “hot line” for employees, which ensures the anonymity and confidentiality of information they provide and, if necessary, allows obtaining the feedback, we have provided for procedures aimed at protecting the individuals who, in good faith, report violations.
Customers and counterparties of the Bank who have information on possible violations of anti-corruption principles may contact us by using the available communication channels with the Bank.
We declare our commitment to implementing the advanced tools and technology aimed at further increasing the transparency of our business. Our team respects fair competition while welcoming and encouraging the compliance by all counterparties and partners of the Bank and members of Sberbank Group with the corruption counteracting principles established in the Bank.

Herman O. Gref
CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board of
Sberbank of Russia