VS Bank

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CEO: Iryna Pokhodzyayeva

PJSC “VS Bank”
Address: Hrabovskoho str. 11,
79000 Lviv, Ukraine
Phone: 380 (0) 32 297 13 82
Fax: 380 (0) 32 297 05 83
E-mail: contact@vsbank.com.ua
Website: www.volksbank.ua
CEO: Iryna Pokhodzyayeva

The bank, that has been starting its history since 1991, has changed its name to PJSC “VS Bank” in December 2013.

Over the years, “VS Bank” has shown a rapid, dynamic growth in the Ukrainian financial services market place, has significantly reinforced its positions, and has proved the image of a European bank.

“VS Bank” remains a heavy regional player in the territory of Lviv Region and West Ukraine.

The strong presence of “VS Bank” in the home marketplace of the Lviv Region and in the West Ukraine were recognized last year also by independent experts.